Real World VFR is a video program that puts you in the cockpit, looking over a pilot’s shoulder as he completes a series of difficult and challenging VFR flights. It gives you a unique window into procedures, techniques, ATC interactions and decision-making you can’t get any other way.



You’ll see (and hear) unusual takeoffs, approaches, landings, airports, airspace and navigation that could challenge any pilot flying VFR.

  • Depart a mountain airport at night VFR, using a simple IFR technique
  • Hear rapid fire ATC transmissions in world’s busiest airspace
  • Take off and land on short fields, soft fields and one really scary field
  • Encounter VFR into IMC for real, at night
  • Enjoy the scenic New York City “VFR corridor” while task saturated
  • Navigate a cross-country leg without GPS, iPad, VORs, or other aids
  • Mix it up with the airliners at Logan Int’l Airport (Class B) in a C172
  • Fly an over-water crossing that is eerily similar to the JFK Jr. flight
  • Practice performance takeoffs and landings in a variety of conditions
  • and much more…

Each flight is captured in stunning HD video and includes a full preflight briefing and post-flight analysis. You will learn from our pilot’s mistakes…not everything goes perfectly!

Real World VFR also includes seven “skill building” videos to hone your most important flying skills. You’ll see these skills on display throughout the real world flights.


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